Comparing Churches
With the evil pedophile priest, Father Éclair

Who says pedophilia is denominational,
    not truly sensational wherever you preach?
Who better to judge than old Father Éclair
    who claims to have sampled a good bit of each.

"The Episcopalians are better than most,
    provided of course you're swingin' in Britain.
But Baptists and Born-Agains? Prob'ly the worst.
    Instead of kneelin' they worship while sittin'."

His favorites by far are right where he is,
    where the Church hierarchy comes up through the ranks,
And definitely shares his penchant for boys
    and his opposition to supplying sperm banks.

"Where else can pedophile priests get promoted
    to hush up complaints against future abusers?
Birds of a feather must flock together.
    Who wants the Church being ruled by sore losers?"

But was he confused by Cantalamessa's
    equating the Pope to a holocaust victim?
"Hell, we're not Jews. We're West Bank Palestinians
    praying no tyrant's about to evict 'em."

Bob Carlson

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