Eleanor Holmes Norton
(Yet another politician for sale)

Holmes Norton says she is still there for lobbyists
For whatever service they want her to render.
But don't expect much until they've come across.
She accepts all donations but prefers legal tender.

She's a little embarrassed that a phone call she made
Was immortalized by an answering machine.
Now her pleas for financing will get more attention
Than that other nobody, that wing-nut, Christine,

Who lacks Eleanor's lobbyist contacts.
So though she's a looker, Palin's new mini-me
Has yet to hook up with the really big money,
The Kochs, not just Russo, who're the powers that be.

As a DC delegate Holmes Norton can't vote,
Yet she's worth just as much as a guy like DeMint.
DeMint can't say "Boo" without Mitch taking note.
Mitch even determines John Boehner's next tint.

It's not like Holmes Norton's committed a crime.
Politician's can legally sell out for cash.
Consider a flip-flopper like John McCain.
Do you think he'll vote for or against diaper rash?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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