Happy Easter!
From your kids' favorite priest

"Happy Easter from Father Éclair.
I'd like to make sure you're aware
Of the Church's position
On the Pope's inquisition:
    Get lost!!!   It's a family matter.

"But give till it hurts to the guys who wear skirts
    though you know it's not bagpipes we're blowing.
When we're not molesting, you'll find us contesting
    what the Pope's made a point of not knowing.

"Happy Easter again from Éclair.
Your kids need some clean underwear.
As for that inquisition?
We know you're on a mission
    to kick this damn thing up the ladder.

"God, we love little squirts who squirm if it hurts
    when it's wild oats we're playing at sowing.
You call that molesting? To us it's investing
    in candidates for the all-knowing.

"That he claims he doesn't
Might mean he wasn't,
A position that's quite inconsistent
With the way he's defending
What you now find offending,
That for years has been tamper-resistant.

"So give till it hurts to us guys who wear skirts.
    There's no way you'll replace 'him' with 'her'.
This Pope has a thing against Papal offspring
    and the thought of a female voyeur.

?Happy Easter from your pedophile priests!"

Bob Carlson

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