Irradiating Blue Dogs
A cost cutting solution

Blue Dogs, Blue Dogs, have you sold out?
    Are you in Aetna's pocket?
They know you'll never understand
    so they pay you to knock it.
It's complicated; yes, we know,
    but not sufficient reason
To let insurers buy you off.
    That's extortion, not appeasin'.

Free scans for you and spouse each week
    from docs who own their scanners?
Who know what radiation does –
    who're forward thinking planners.
And yet you want them reimbursed
    for scans that they're prescribing
As well as for the years of scans
    to which you're both subscribing,

The incidence of radiation
    sickness could increase
Exponentially if you
    keep speaking Aetna's piece
So be forewarned of side effects
    that sometimes may occur
Among you Blue Dog Democrats
    paid-by-the-scan MDs prefer.

Bob Carlson

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