Is Lindsey Graham Crackers?
(His plans for the troubled F-35B's)

Murdoch Rustproofing and Koch Mothballs, Inc
Are passing the hat to support Lindsey Graham.
He's endearing himself to Bob Gates opponents,
The weapons suppliers who are part of Graham's scam.

Bob's budget proposes to cut thousands of troops.
Insuring their health is an enormous drag
On the moneys available to insure the Congress.
Soon Lindsey will dance to the Insure-Me-First Rag.

The public's reaction to that part of his scam,
If bandied about, might not sit all that well.
So Graham, with the help of Murdoch and Koch,
Has a stimulus angle they are trying to sell.

More F-35B's could create lots of jobs
In South Carolina where they're needed most.
And to answer the question of who's left to fly them?
Well, you know Graham has said how much he hates to boast,

But his plan, with no pilots, is simply to store 'em.
And in what better place than in South Carolina?
Murdoch will rustproof 'em and Koch will mothball 'em
And they'll rent any extras to Blackwater and China.

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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