Is Obama Nostradamus?
If so, who will get the poppies?

Is Obama Nostradamus?
    Is he able to predict
The poppy crop that Fogh Rasmussen
    hopes to interdict?

Or how much Four-Star McChrystal
    will have paid Afghanistan
To grant his troops safe access to
    where they'll fight the Taliban?

Those toll roads aren't McChrystal's,
    and they're surely not the Dane's.
So, to use them, they go to
    extraordinary pains

To bribe the Karzai Brothers
    who buy off the Taliban
With the taxpayer dollars
    Obama's used for funding Stan.

Can we afford to finance foes
    that Stan was hired to fight
While wondering if the Mayans
    or Nostradamus got it right?

Bob Carlson

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