McCain & Romney
(Chameleons convincing you of who we are)

Please don't call us liars.
    We are true transmogrifiers
Who hope we're faded mem'ries
    of the mavericks we were.

We engineered each screw up
    to take decades till it blew up.
How could you not be certain
    that old lions still can purr?
Unlike priests we're certified as neuter.

Though you can't stand who we've been,
    don't think we've lost our will to win.
Why not admit you're not
    all that sure of who we are?

A gigolo who married well?
    A governor who went through hell
Insuring Bay State voters who were sick –
     who strapped his doggie to his car
Thinking traveling on the roof would suit her?

Who else is better qualified
    to exhibit less false pride?
Those stratagems that we've enjoyed
    are surely without equal.

Mavericks who now must hide
    and lie about the ploys we tried
Are the type of candidates
    most deserving of a sequel –
Think job creation for a troubleshooter.

Bob Carlson

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