Mrs. Withington III vs. Texas Politicians

(You should hear her pray)

Mrs. Jeremiah Aloysius
    Withington III
Is a prim and proper Christian
    by her own admission
She's in the family pew on Sundays
    listening for God's Word,
Although at eighty she admits
    it's mostly repetition,

And he who says he speaks for God
    doesn't have the answer
To why Texas politicians sound
    very nearly as absurd
As those from Oklahoma
    most always seem to her.
To describe them she would have to use
    some bad four-letter word

In her mind, but not outloud,
    until the other day.
Was it Perry, Cruz or Gohmert
    who rubbed Mrs. Withington the wrong way
With their talk of packing pistols
    to keep Sharia hordes at bay?
They'd be shocked to hear the words
    she felt forced to use to pray.

How many Texas Muslims
    have these politicians seen?
How would they recognize one?
    Are they purple? Are they green?
Would they make a scene
    if they knew, pre-Jeremiah, she'd once dated one?
Would they remove her from their lists
    of those to whom they'd sell a gun?

Bob Carlson

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