Mustard Gas In Libya
(And Saudi Arabia's Airforce?)

Was Obama just cautious or procrastinating
In order to judge how Qaddafi would do?
Qaddafi has arms NATO nations have sold him,
Plenty of sheckles and mustard gas, too.

Oil's not the issue; we don't need much of his,
But our friends in Japan most assuredly will,
Does he think that B.P. and its deep water buddies
Will ever miraculously learn not to spill?

If he waits long enough, he can sell more munitions
To the one and only Qaddafi himself.
Our military-industrial complex
Has lots of these babies on their good-to-go shelf.

Was NATO's Fogh Rasmussen also dragging his heels
And busy insisting assisting must wait
To see who thinks Saudi Arabia's Airforce
Flying over Benghazi is the finger of fate.

Will the Saudis be for or against Qaddafi's forces?
Meanwhile they're supporting the regime in Bahrain,
While Obama's major concern is his speeches
Now that he's made up his mind to campaign.

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles
3/15/11 - 8/23/11

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