No Safety In Numbers
Father Éclair pays the price, but so does Johnny

A pedophile priest for Johnny,
    but what will the Pope give you?
Aids like Éclair gave Johnny?
    Or a list of no-can-do?

No birth control? No abortions?
    No condoms for him and his dastardly crew?
Or a couple of million dollars
    to make up for what they have done to you?

Father Éclair had the best of intentions:
    a wee bit of sodomy with your young son.
But not with an ounce of prevention –
    and the Devil's work was done.

When the kids were away on vacation,
    Éclair'd tried a few older lads,
Who, following the Pope's protestations,
    had not worried about becoming dads,

Or exposing themselves to infectious diseases
    where only one contact is often enough,
But Éclair was into big numbers,
    painting the town and strutting his stuff.

The Pope is arguing, "It's not my fault.
    Éclair doesn't work for me."
If not, who the hell is he working for?
    The Cardinal? The Bishop? Or Steele's RNC?

We all know that Steele will deny it.
    So where does that put the Pope?
In the same league as Michael Steele?
    Or like Boehner still stuck on "Nope"?

If the Pope goes to jail when he can't make his bail,
    what will that say to his flock?
Will they paint by the numbers till the media slumbers,
    or strip the Pope's crew of its smocks?

Bob Carlson

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