Obama's Pastor Problem Continues
Warren, Wright and Bush

I'm a bad pastor picker, I have to admit.
    Glabojevich warned that my pastors are bleep.
But the one he is selling he's sure gays won't abuse
    with a noisy barrage of steel taps from their shoes.

Warren and Wright are two peas in a pod.
    Each is convinced that his is the true God.
Both mother bleepers confuse church with state.
    They're homegrown ayatollahs who pander to hate.

I considered al-Sadr but Martha won't bake
    a cake with the name of an extremist sheik.
'Adolph' is bad; so's 'Benito' and 'Warren'.
    So other than Bush who should we be ignorin'?

God's been his advisor, or so he has claimed,
    though now that he's leaving, he says he was framed.
Bush ordained in retirement? Can that possibly matter?
    Like the aforementioned he's as mad as a hatter.

Bob Carlson

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