"Plans For Planet Earth"

(Obama's vs. Those of Pope Francis?)

What's Obama's rationale
    for approving KXL?
Is he determined to make
    our planet a living hell

For his daughters and grandchildren
    and all those who dwell
Where the pipe will be leaking
    like a broken eggshell?

Into the acquifers mid-Westerners use
    for drinking, for washing and growing our food.
Is he that pissed at Republicans,
    and in that kind of a mood

That he'd drown their resources
    in Canadian crude?
Then tax them like hell
    for their attitude.

After all, isn't this being done
    at their request?
Charles & Dave Koch and Rex W. Tillerson
    are willing this mess to our mid-West
When consulted, Pope Francis questioned
    if this was a thoughtful and very lovely bequest.

Bob Carlson

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