Reassessing Afghanistan
Cheney and Karzai are so yesterday

Afghanistan's a civil war,
    but look what side we're backing.
The side that stuffs the ballot box
    when its support is lacking.

Unwanted, uninvited;
    are we a nation of Salahis?
Pray we, too, don't end up with
    unpaid for, used Ferraris.

For in our role as mercenaries,
    we still have not been paid.
So why should Fogh Rasmussen profit
    from our new poppy trade?

And why let NATO have first dibs
    on Afghan minarets
When that would give Lou Dobbs more kicks
    than Fogh Rasmussen gets.

Have we become so bored with fraud
    from our own politicians
That Wall Street needs to set up shop
    in more adverse conditions,

Financing Afghan warlord loans
    with credit default swaps,
So when McChrystal gets them trained,
    their finest wars are between cops?

Bob Carlson

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