Reducing Medical Fees
(Self-referrals and the role of the Medical-Industrial complex)

Have you noticed that almost all doctor visits
Involve him or her wanting to run dozens of tests?
Then insisting you return in a month for some more?
(To pay for their machines and feather their nests.)

It wasn't always this way. Remember house calls
Before high pressure salesmen sold those fancy machines,
Too big and expensive to fit in his black bag,
Pricing a house call beyond anyone's means.

Didn't President Eisenhower caution us that
Our own Military-Industrial complex,
With all its expensive new weapons of war,
Would lobby for wars and blank defense checks?

Now we can see that the same thing has happened
To the medical profession as it's being practiced.
The Medical-Industrial complex sells doctors
Procedures for profits that they would have missed

If they didn't offer you lifetime subscriptions
For self-referred Catscans and hi-res MRIs
On their expensive in-office equipment.
But just supposing they did lose your business
   to non-automated, results oriented, patient-friendly,
   old fashioned, black bag carrying, less costly guys

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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