"Sound Good?"

(But where is the follow through?)

Will Pope Francis be more forceful than our current prez?
    It looks like both of them talk a good game.
But as we've discovered, the proof of the pudding
    is what he gets done and not what he says.

Promises to reject the KXL pipeline
    so leaks won't destroy dry state aquifers
While the EPA allows Heather Podesta's
    uranium mines to contaminate hers?

Will Obama dump Scalia and Thomas? Would that he could!
    Will the Pope welcome women into the priesthood?
Promises to banish most pedophile priests
     except in the Vatican where they're needed least?

Cardinals at seventy may be into hand holding
    but probably nothing much else.
Obama's big problem is just holding onto
    anything his opponents can call Roosevelt's.

Bob Carlson

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