The Newt Advises Karzai
(That the pen is mightier than the sword)

Karzai, you've had it. You've fallen from favor.
Poppies are not as well thought of as oil.
Our Military-Industrial Complex
Seeks profit potential without the turmoil.

It was mean of Obama to freeze Qaddafi's money.
Now his sole source of moola is ghostwriting for me.
No way can he Buy Bushie for shooting like you did,
So laundering money through Blackwater's the key.

The Koch Boys still say they recommend Wackenhut
Despite the snafus that Scott Walker has had.
They throw wilder parties than Blackwater does.
Do they get out of control? Well maybe a tad.

Qaddafi's mustard gas could be a problem,
While cutting the mustard is not what you do.
So I am suggesting you put pen to paper.
Take your cues from me for a loser how-to.

My harem's not bad for a swinger our age.
And I change it whenever I feel so inclined.
Get drummed out of office, then hint at a comeback.
With these royalties who cares if some feminists mind?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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