The Tyranny Of Grover Norquist
(Keeping his loopholes open)

How many voters know how many in Congress
Have sworn their allegiance to the unscrupulous Grover,
Promising never to raise any taxes
Or close any loopholes he wants covered over?

He says their closing would amount to new taxes
On corporations or groups he lobbies for
Through his own tax-exempt corporation,
The one through which Abramoff ran his spoils of war.

Jack went to prison. He lacked Grover's influence
Over members of Congress who'd signed The Pledge
That's giving this lobbyist crony of Abramoff's
And all of his donors an unscrupulous edge:

Can't cut corn subsidies to produce ethanol
Can't cut oil subsidies or big oil won't drill –
Can't stop subsidizing Karzai Brothers corruption
And our own Four Star Generals' license to kill

And drag out Afghanistan to keep their jobs.
That way the military-industrial complex
Leaches and lobbyists like Grover Norquist
Can profiteer while D.C. genuflects.

To Grover Norquist and the Congress he owns,
Those cuts all equate to the raising of taxes.
How long will it be until somebody dares to
Make sure this idiocy wanes and not waxes?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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