We Would Have Waited
(While Obama compensated for Rant's raves)

Republicans have lots of weird POTUS choices
While the rest of us seem to have only one,
Who's suddenly against regime change here at home
Now he's left Libya's regime change undone.

Oh, the repercussions of a win by Qaddafi,
Or, perhaps, just a stalemate of sorts,
Where Anders Fogh Rasmussen's penchant
For the status quo ends up in the courts

Of public opinion the way Terry Jones' did.
Angry Qaddafi terrorists on the loose
Won't be outdone by all the disappointed
Freedom fighters who feel The Fogh failed to produce.

How much of all this could we have avoided
If Rant Paul had stayed with his two-holer john
And not raised a ruckus that scared the bejesus
Out of Libyans who worry Rant's new john will catch on.

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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