What Are Wars For?
When melancholy Danes are involved

No matter what our hero claims
    Afghanistan's a civil war
The only diff'rence from Iraq's
    is what plunder we fight for.

If you remember, Wolfowitz
    snookered Bushie and his veep,
Assuring both of them and us
    we'd get Iraq's oil on the cheap

But Fogh Rasmussen's Afghan war,
    without the lure of rich oil fields,
Is essentially concerned with
    who beefs up their poppy yields.

Fogh badly needs Stan and his troops
    to cultivate and pull the weeds,
Acknowledging all he expects
    from Karzai are his brothers' seeds.

So who approved this combination
    of Danish guile and double dealing?
McChrystal on his hands and knees?
    The Pentagon will hit the ceiling.

If only Fogh would use Tim Geithner –
    Experience is what he needs,
Negotiating on behalf of
    Goldman's stake in Burpee seeds.

Bob Carlson

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