Will Obama Be Sorry?
(Qaddafi forces seize another rebel "stronghold")

What will Obama use as an excuse?
Does he think an "I'm sorry" is going to suffice?
Did he think that Qaddafi wouldn't slaughter his rebels?
Does he really think Bushie and Cheney played nice?

Of course they didn't. Their trademark was torture.
So how could he doubt that Qaddafi would too?
Qaddafi has promised he'll search door to door.
They'd be crazy to stay and surrender. Would you?

The man is a murderer, like that wasn't well known.
Just like Mubarak, but Egyptians didn't need us.
Libyans did, but NATO nations had armed him,
So Obama and Rasmussen threw them under the bus.

Still we support Karzai and Maliki with billions
So corruption continues. It's the easier choice.
All it takes is some speeches and American lives
To con us to buy each of these guys a Rolls Royce.

How many will Barry ship to Qaddafi?
So there won't be hard feelings over what we have said?
You think he'll insist that there be an accounting
Of how many his inaction may have left dead?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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