A Breeze
To be sung with the Israelis to the Harold Arlen tune
"Only A Paper Moon"
(Say, it's only a paper moon saling over a cardboard sea)

So it wasn't a full platoon
That we threw at the Lebanese –
Like Hezbollah was make believe
And it would be a breeze.

Did we listen to some wise guy
Who collects Hezbollah finder's fees,
Or the dummies that we believe
Are bringing Bushie to his knees?

With Rummy's care
The Mid-East is a grim charade,
While Cheney's share
Comes from government aid
To the construction trade.

The disapproval of the world
May be what saves the Lebanese,
Or could it be we now believe
We're victims of a Bushie breeze?

Music by Harold Arlen
Original Lyric by Yip Harburg & Billy Rose
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson

To 'Bushie's Co-Conspirator, Israel'