Advising Israel
To be sung with Bushie to the Rodgers & Hart tune
"My Heart Stood Still"
(I took one look at you. That's all I meant to do.)

You need more time, that's all,
So I told Rice to stall
And let you kill

As many as you can,
Although it hits the fan.
Forget goodwill.

For though we've never spoken
   I am sure they knew
What Lieberman
   will have conveyed to you:

That we won't make a fuss
As you fight wars for us,
So kill, kill, kill!

Music by Richard Rodgers
Original Lyric by Lorenz Hart
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson

To 'Bushie's Co-Conspirator, Israel'
To 'Bushie's Co-Conspirator, Lieberman'