Double Whammies For Bushie
To be sung with Al Jolson to the tune
"My Mammy"
(Mammy, Mammy, The sun shines East, the sun shines West)

I get so excited when I start a war,
The bombs exploding on the day we start,
But later on, I do admit, I do lose heart.
Things aren't so rewarding,
Voters full of doubt,
Plus a new war's starting
While the first drags out.

Whammy! Whammy!
East is East and West is West,
And guess who knows which he likes best?
Whammy! Whammy!
My knees shake and my hands are feeling cla-a-ammy.

I'm leavin'; sorry I can't name a date.
Like Israel, hopin' that it's not too late.
Mammy, double whammies!
Despite a million smirks
I'm still one of your jerks,
Where's my jammies?

Music by Walter Donaldson
Original Lyric by Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson

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