Bushie's fate looks worse and worser;
He could be fired for leaking.
Seems Porter Goss's lie detector
   needles require tweaking
To keep from bouncing off the page
   whenever Bushie's speaking.
Bushie's fate looks worse and worser;
He lied he wasn't leaking.

Of course we know that's nothing new,
That Bushie loves his lying.
It's how he got into Iraq
   and why our boys are dying.
So why give Bushie lie detector
   tests instead of spying?
Osama's curse looks worse and worser.
That should be mortifying.

Now their fates look worse and worser;
Osama's still ho-humming.
Yet Rove insists they wait till Fall
   while Dick's fe fi fo fuming.
Then with "Osama In Iran!"
   they'll start those nukes a-coming
And make sure things get worse and worser,
Needledee and Needledumbing.

Bob Carlson

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