If I Don't *
Sung to the tune
"'Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do"

If I'm showing no devotion
To Bush Junior's latest notion,
'Tain't the monkey's biz-ness if I don't.

If, when he runs out of money,
He asks for donations, sonny,
'Tain't the monkey's biz-ness if I won't.

If he mandates Church on Sundays
Wearing regulation undies,
It's for monkey biz-ness, I would hope.

If they shoot at my vehicle,
Where will accusations trickle?
Will it be the monkey's biz-ness? Nope.

When the CIA exports me,
They will make me pay the price,
Years and years of futile torture
For "liberty" in Bush's paradise.

If I fail to thank the Lordy
For being Ahmed, not O'Rorty,
'Tain't your biz-ness, 'tain't my biz-ness,
'Tain't their biz-ness, 'tain't his biz-ness,
'Tain't no monkey's biz-ness if I don't.

* The New York Time - 3/6/05
"Rule Change Let's CIA
   Freely Send Suspects Abroad"
* The New York Time - 3/8/05
Editorial - "Torture by Proxy"

Music & Original Lyric by
Porter Grainger & Everett Robbins
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson

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