Israelis Depending On Bush
To be sung with Fred Astair to Jerome Kern's tune
"I Won't Dance"
(I won't dance! Don't ask me.)

He won't talk. We need time.
He won't block nosebleed time.
He can't speak, Assad, with you
For in a fit of pique his envoy withdrew.

He knows that they're bleeding.
He knows what we're needing.
So Bush chat? No way can do.
They're evil and don't deserve to be talked to.

He's found we Israelis can be gentle,
'Specially when we're doing something dental.
But stir us up and we get regimental,
So why molest us?
Bush won't arrest us.

Though he sounds barbaric,
Bush can't speak Aramaic.
Hamasaic? Hezbollaic? Foo!
Nor will he share his yarmulkes with you.

Music by Jerome Kern
Original Lyric by Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein II
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson

To 'Bushie's Diplomacy'