Junior Loves Swanner
Sung to the George Gershwin tune

He's been a torturer a long time –
Since Junior said, "Guy, way to go.
Stretched on that wheel,
They're gonna squeal,
And then they'll cop a plea.

"They will be singing like it's showtime
And spilling what we want to know.
Dick says that you
Know what to do.
You're our emcee.

How I loves you,
How Dick loves you,
Torturer Swanner.
We couldn't wait to see
What you did to
J-A-M-A-D-I's body
When his heart stopped palpitating
While you were interrogating,
Torturer Swanner.

"Our C.I.A. won't be
Scolding you for
What you did you did offshore."

Music by George Gershwin
Original Lyric by Irving Caesar
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson

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