Mass X-rays For South Carolina
(Will the NRC send thanks for unwittingly participating?)

Who ordered mass x-rays for South Carolina?
Could it be a top secret medical trial?
But if it should get out of hand like at TEPCO,
NRC will conduct a full-scale denial

To show South Carolina's been abandoned by Congress.
Not that nuclear safety's too costly for Shaw.
Their ill-fated nuclear venture with TEPCO?
Just some safety misgivings making TEPCO withdraw.

Shaw Areva's accused of starting construction
With incomplete plans that NRC's execs liked.
Yet with Inhofe denying the climate is changing
No way can potential wind damage have spiked.

Hurricanes and tornadoes? Plus that fault line it sits on?
Location, location. It's the realtors' dream
Of ignoring prospective statewide disasters.
Was the NRC helping Shaw's real estate team?

Or is New Hampshire perhaps feeling the pressure?
Primaries have always meant so much to them.
With the media gun-shy about Shaw's radiation
There'll be no network coverage. With luck? Local FM.

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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