Our Sweet Little Lebanese Town
Being sung by displaced Lebanese to the tune
"Alice Blue Gown"
(In my sweet little Alice blue gown)

We once had a town, you couldn't call new,
That housed all kinds of folks for a century or two,
With charming back alleys and no big box store there,
It's little shop windows displayed earthenware
That tourists and residents all could adore,
But because of Bush stalling it now is no more.

'Twas a sweet little Lebanese town
Until Cheney and Bush let us down.
They don't care why
Their proxie's gun-shy,
"Just reduce it to kindling
With bombs we'll supply."

It's a matter of passion, some say,
With Iraq hardly going their way.
So though centuries enjoyed it,
Their proxies destroyed it,
Our sweet little Lebanese town.

Music by Harry Tierney
Original Lyric by Joseph McCarthy
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson

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