To be sung with Doris Day to the tune
(Imagination is funny. It makes a cloudy day sunny)

Do you remember the Spanish Armada?
How Napoleon blew Waterloo?
Do you remember the last intifada
When again we put off what to do?

Procrastination is silly.
Israelis drop bombs willy nilly,
Knowing that Lebanon's hilly,
Yet they stupidly do.

Procrastination is crazy,
More innocents pushing up daisies
Because Double U is too lazy
To tell Richard Perle what to do

With his latest plan for a proxy's crutch
He knows will miss
Again, and then

We'll see
Procrastination ain't funny
As we discover the money
To rebuild Lebanon
Has to come from me and you.

Music by Jimmy Van Heusen
Original Lyric by Johnny Burke
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson

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