Ten Days To Go
To be sung by Israelis to the Rodgers & Hart tune
"Ten Cents A Dance"
(Ten cents a dance. That's what they pay me.)

Ten days to go
To get Hezbollah.
Bush says that's all we've got.

Ten days to go?
So why is Bush getting
Ten years in Iraq to do what?

All day and night long the siren
Warns of more rocket attacks
While Bushie can't face up to firin'
Dummies like Rummy and his media flacks.

Ten days to go
To kill civilians,
To give it our best shot,
Or we'll be mired in a quagmire
And like Bushie end up doing squat.

Music by Richard Rodgers
Original Lyric by Lorenz Hart
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson

To 'Bushie's Co-Conspirator, Israel'