Weird Republican Numbers
(Misleading and/or illusory)

Why are Republicens inept with big numbers?
Why aren't they able to manage the math?
Even Noah could prob'ly count higher than two,
But look at Paul Ryan, their geek sociopath.

Why risk radiation insurance for rich people
On statistics Paul got from our NRC.
Even the Tea Party had hoped he'd do better.
When will they admit he's not their cup of tea?

Like Boehner who cut "billions" but only got millions,
While next time Jon Stewart may refuse to explain
That he and Jon Kyle are in no way related
Despite both having mothers whose first name is Jayne.

When Paul privatizes rich peoples' insurance,
What will nuclear leaks do to corporate donors?
Even among G.0.P. trickle-downers,
This will rank with the worst of baby geek boners.

Was Paul's charter school inadequately funded?
Was attendance an option so Paul never went?
At least the Tea Party will have plans to replace him,
But who are they qualified to represent?

Donald Trump's Birthers and Rant's Army of God?
And what's going to happen when Ryan's rich people learn
That Paul and his Think Tanks were fudging the numbers,
And of the many millions they will have to return?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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