Wizards Of Oz *

The Wizard of Oz in Washingon
Gives his business a misleading name.
'Extraordinary rendition' is now way too common,
But that's his nickname for the game.

Abduct anybody, don't read them their rights,
Nor charge them with anything wrong.
See that they disappear for, let's say, a year,
Or forever? "That isn't that long."

Send them to Syria, let them contract diptheria
Or the mid-East disease of the day.
Make them think they're in hell with torture as well –
Internment is cheaper that way.

At least that's the view of a "wizard" in Kansas
Who drools for abortionist data –
Is Phill Kline a voyeur, a provocateur,
Who like Ashcroft missed Mohammed Atta?

Read their lips – "Who's salutin' Vladimir Putin?" –
As their victims are shipped overseas,
And then made to grovel in some Syrian hovel
While Bush touts his democracies.

* The New York Times - 2/28/05
Bob Herbert - "It's Called Torture"
Editorial - "What's Secretly Wrong With Kansas"

Bob Carlson

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