The Nuclear Energy Institute's
   Nuclear Regulator Commission Verses

•Tokyo Electric Power Company to Build US Nuclear Plants
      with Shaw Nuclear and Toshiba-Westinghouse

“TEPCO In Texas”2/2/13
“Ensuring Our Own Fukushima”3/28/11
“First Enron. Now Entergy?”5/9/11
“Humpty Dumpty Here And Japan”6/4/11
“Importing Japanese Nuclear Expertise”3/17/11
“Jaczko: The NEI Patsy”5/12/11
“Lobbyist For Nuclear Disasters”5/9/11
“Mass X-rays For South Carolina”5/8/11
“Nebraska's Own Fukushima?”6/23/11
“NRC's Nuclear Follies”5/31/11
“Nuclear Blame Games”4/10/11
“Paul Ryan Privatizes Radiation Insurance”4/15/11
“South Carolina's Fukushima”5/7/11
“Too Much Nuclear Safety?”6/21/11
“Weird Republican Numbers”4/15/11