More of L. Summers - "Boy Economist"
     in Rhymed Verse

Link HERE to the Greg Palast exposé
     of the Obama, Rubin, Summers conspiracies

“Lazy, Indolent and Useless Like Cantor”11/19/13
“Obama's Picks? The Pits!”11/18/13
“Obama's Favorites”9/17/13
“Rubin, Rubin II”8/24/13
“Not Larry Summers Again”7/25/13
“Look Who's Replacing L. Summers”11/20/10
“Viva Income Inequality”11/19/10
“Dewey Wins Big”10/29/10
“Trumped By An Oompa-Loompa?”9/13/10
“Courting Warren”8/25/10
“Toodle-oo Timmy”8/10/10
“Losing Advisors And Adversaries”8/7/10
“Danger: Bamboozling Advisors Ahead”8/5/10
“Larry's Mama Tried”2/20/10
“Wall Street's 'Economists'”1/10/10
“Waterboarding Summers”5/1/09
“Cutbacks On Wall Street”4/14/09
“Revolving Doors”4/11/09
“Smaller Investors and Widows Beware”4/10/09
“Timid Timmy's Twitter Troubles”4/7/09
“The Prompt Corrective Action Law”4/6/09
“The Prompt Corrective Action Law – II”4/6/09
“Nostradamus Predicts:”4/4/09
“Cerberus Pledge Week”3/1/09