MMS's (BOEMRE) Salazar in Rhymed Verse
    “Politicking For Blowouts”4/17/11
    “Needing A Nanny”8/8/10
    “Losing Advisors And Adversaries”8/7/10
    “Danger: Bamboozling Advisors Ahead”8/5/10
    “Semper Paratus, Admiral Allen”8/1/10
    “Tugboat Annie”7/28/10
    “Messing Up With His Milquetoasts”7/27/10
    “Finally Blaming Salazar”7/25/10
    “Advisors From Outer Space”7/24/10
    “Risks, Baby, Risks”7/20/10
    “Monkey See, Monkey Do”7/15/10
    “Jinxed By Its Brownie”7/14/10
    “Squishing In The Gulf”7/14/10
    “A Second Moratorium”7/13/10
    “Caps For Relief Wells”7/13/10
    “Blame Games”7/12/10
    “Conspiracy Theories”7/4/10
    “White House Cleaning”6/30/10
    “BP Screws With The Arctic”6/24/10
    “Guessing Games”6/22/10
    “Salazar's Plan”6/21/10
    “Sex And Money”6/21/10
    “Enjoying The Spill”6/20/10
    “A Placating President”6/19/10
    “Ken Salazar's Missing”6/18/10
    “Waiting On BP”6/12/10
    “Salazar's Last Will & Testament”6/11/10
    “Salazar's Motives”6/11/10
    “The Slammer For Salazar”6/11/10
    “Subsidizing BP's Spills”5/14/10
    “BP's Blackmail Barrel”5/12/10
    “We Dunno”5/12/10
    “BP Sells Its Naming Rights”5/9/10