ALEC: Ghostwriter & Lobbyist
    and Its Red State Legislatures In Rhymed Verse

“State Farm Drums Up Business”8/15/13
“Mike Whatley, Lobbyist”6/26/13
“Millions Of Acres Of Slime.”6/26/13
“Elitist Daddys”1/19/13
“Zippers That Zip”1/19/13
“Squeezing Wayne”1/17/13
“NRA's Union Dues”1/17/13
“What's In It for Us?”1/7/13
“Remember, Don't Forget”11/11/12
“NRA Tampa Tantrums”4/14/12
“SCOTUS Steps In”4/11/12
“Tempest In Tampa”4/10/12
“Ginni Thomas Is At It Again”3/31/12
“Fear Their Looks or Fear Their Laws”3/23/12
“Rick Perry, ALEC Poster Boy”7/7/11
“Unforeseen Consequences”7/2/11
“Wanna Join Their Circus?”6/6/11
“Horny Pledglings”6/5/11
“ALEC Copy Cats”6/4/11
“Competing Immigrants”6/4/11
“'Chopper' Christie”6/2/11
“Rebuking Paul's Nuking”5/25/11
“Private Prison Profiteering”5/24/11
“Solving California's Prison Problem”5/24/11
“A Vote For Trump-Ryan”5/22/11
“ALEC And Grover”5/20/11
“From OPEC To OWEC”5/20/11
“Here's To Your Health In Idaho”5/20/11
“Dobbin Won't Drink It”5/19/11
“Meet ALEC”5/19/11
“Mitch Daniels: Planned Talibanhood”5/17/11
“Capitalizing On Osama's Disposal?”5/2/11
“LePage's Child Labor”5/1/11
“Americans? Or What?”4/22/11
“Even Rich People Conceive”4/14/11
“Spooking Qaddafi And Child Exploiters”4/1/11
“Child Labor Again”3/26/11
“Migrating From Michigan”3/26/11
“Arming Disgruntled Voters”3/25/11
“Tribal Practices Differ”3/25/11
“Pennsylvania Switches to Bottled Water”3/14/11
“South Dakota's Justifiable Homicides”2/18/11
“Bigger Government To Regulate Sex”2/10/11