Unsustainable Incendiary Israel Verses
“Chuck Schumer's Aggressive Israelis”11/25/13
“Vicious Israelis”11/13/13
“A Vote For Trump-Ryan”5/22/11
“Oh, No, Not Bibi Again”5/22/11
“Bibi's Subsidized Crusade”11/12/10
“Who'll Dare Believe Bibi?”11/11/10
“Securitizing Bibi and Hamid”9/29/10
“Bibi Netanyahu's Exodus”9/28/10
“Kicking Ass”6/8/10
“Iranian Contractors”6/7/10
“Bibi's Nuremberg Trials”6/6/10
“Foiling Bibi's Pirates”6/5/10
“Comparing Churches”4/3/10
“Idiocy Begins At The Top”6/2/10
“Busy, Busy, Busy”6/1/10
“Jesus Rates Politicians”3/29/10 (The Numbers)
“Makin' Bibies”3/20/10  ("They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore"
“Bye-Bye, Bibi, Bye-Bye”3/19/10
“We Don't And Won't (Mr. Netanyahu)”3/18/10
      (I Don't Want To Love You (But I Do)  
“Isn't That A Laugh?”3/16/10
“The Squatters' Own Solution”3/10/10
“Iran's Allies vs. Israeli Squatters”3/8/10
“Advising Israel”6/9/09  (My Heart Stood Still)
“Out Damn'd Squatters”6/6/09
“Bushie's Clean Coal Ash”12/29/08
“Guess Who Owns The Land”11/22/06  (Is It True What They Say About Dixie?)
“Frere Jacques”8/21/06  (Bill Bailey)
“Peace Never In Mind”8/15/06  (This Nearly Was Mine)
“Our Sweet Little Lebanese Town”8/11/06  (Alice Blue Gown)
“Rockets”8/11/06  (I Hear Music)
“Smile Osama Dear”8/11/06  (Melancholy Baby)
“Kisses For Lieberman”8/10/06  (I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good)
“Them”8/7/06  (Satin Doll)
“Double Whammies For Bushie”8/6/06  (My Mammy)
“Buffoons And Lieberman”8/5/06  (Blue Moon)
“Who Are You?”8/4/06  (Where Are You?)
“Israel's Crony”8/3/06  (Here In My Arms)
“Lieberman's Luck”8/3/06  (Falling In Love With Love)
“Big Ideas & Words From Bushie”8/2/06
“Israeli P.R.”8/1/06  (How About You)
“New Immigrants For Israel”8/1/06  (Imagination)
“Ten Days To Go”8/1/06  (Ten Cents A Dance)
“A Careful Aim”7/31/06  (My Heart Stood Still)
“Comparing Winners & Losers”7/30/06  (Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea)
“Fools Wanted”7/30/06  (Bill Bailey)
“My Son Bill”7/29/06  (That Old Feeling)
“Yo, Sheik Nasrallah”7/29/06  (That Old Feeling)
“A Breeze”7/28/06  (Only A Paper Moon)
“Halliburton's Plans”7/27/06  (Big Spender)
“Hezbollah's Plans”7/27/06  (After The Ball)
“Caring”7/24/06  (Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?)
“Procrastination”7/23/06  (Imagination)
“Anxious To Help”7/22/06  (Don't Get Around Much Anymore)
“Israelis Depending On Bush”7/21/06  (I Won't Dance)
“Maliki Complains About Lebanon”7/20/06  (Honeysuckle Rose)
“Bushie: Beatnick-Peacenick”7/14/06  (Friendship)