More on Crazy Cheney's Other Obsessions in Rhymed Verse
“Al-Yoo-Hoo Scrambles The Eggs”  (Horton Hatches The Egg)
“All Cheney Wants For Christmas”  (All I Want For Christmas
     (Is My Two Front Teeth))

“Anything Goes”  (Anything Goes)
“Back To Undisclosed”  (Honeysuckle Rose)
“Between Those Saudis And Your SUV”  (Between The Devil And
     The Deep Blue Sea)

“'Calamity' Cheney”
“Cheney Does Pinocchio”  (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes)
“Cheney Failed His Stress Test”
“Cheney For Hussein”  (All Er Nothin')
“Cheney Has No Regrets”  (No Regrets)
“Cheney On Being Shameless”  (Careless)
“Cheney On Round Two In Iran”  (The Second Time Around)
“Cheney, Palin, Cadavers, and Coal”
“Cheney, The Ogre, Attacks”
“Cheney's Al Qaeda Hideaway”  (There's A Small Hotel)
“Cheney's Chicken Democrats”
“Cheney's Childhood”  (You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby)
“Cheney's Latest Aneurysm”  (Who's Sorry Now)
“Cheney's Rationale”  (With A Song In My Heart)
“Cheney's Un-American”
“Crazy Cheney”  (Crazy Rhythm)
“Crazy Cheney Panics”
“Dear Addy”
“Dick Cheney's Big Oil Grab”  (Alexander's Ragtime Band)
“Dick Did Not”
“Dickless”  (Careless)
“Disclosure”  (My Baby Just Cares For Me)
“Don't Scoot Around Much Anymore”  (Don't Get Around Much Anymore)
“Draft Dodgers”  (Let's Do It, Let's Fall In Love)
“Five Cheney Deferments”  (Three Coins In The Fountain)
“Fools Do Something For Me”  (You Do Something To Me)
“From That Moment On”  (From This Moment On)
“Goodnight, Cheney”  (Goodnight Sweetheart)
“I'll Never Vote For Bums Again”  (I'll Never Fall In Love Again)
“I'm On The Ropes”  (Time After Time)
“Intelligence Or Balls”  (All Er Nothin')
“It's In The DNA”  (Casabianca)
“Long Shots”  (It's A Long way To Tipperary)
“Maiming”  (When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love)
“Mayhem With Tom, Dick and Harry”
“Ms. Cheney Speaks Out”  (I Hate Men)
“No, Not Much”  (No, Not Much)
“Nonsense? No Chance”  (Ten Cents A Dance)
“Once A Lug Like Cheney”  (Once In Love With Amy)
“Osama In The Morning”  (I Got The Sun In The Morning)
“Osama Reveals Cheney's Secret”  (Prisoner Of Love)
“Oscar Hosting”  (Crazy Rhythym)
“Our Lord Bushie Had Been Told”  (Good King Wenceslas)
“Pathetic”  (Cheek To Cheek)
“Please Impeach Me If You Can”  (Just A Closer Walk With Thee)
“Plugs, Pluggers And Pluggees”
“Reheated Dreams For Cheney”  (Street Of Dreams)
“Ruffled Feathers & Parrot Poop”
“Security's For Bushies”  (Necessity)
“Send In The Hounds”  (Send In The Clowns)
“Snow White's Wicked Queen Squeaks”
“Soldier Onward, Bush Boy”  (Onward Christian Soldiers)
“Sorry, Martha's Vineyard Folks”
“That's Their Cheney”  (Yes Sir! That's My Baby)
“The Devil Makes Me Do It”  (I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me)
“The Man”
“The Whacked”  (The Zax)
“Torture's So Republican - II”
“We Must All Be Very Kind To Judy Miller”  (We Must All Be Very Kind
     To Auntie Bessie)

“What Are We Scared Of?”  (What Was I Scared Of?)
“What's Going To Become Of Dick Cheney?”  (I Wonder What Happened
     To Him)

“When It's Time To Go”  (Say It Isn't So)
“Why Go To War? I”  (Why Was I Born?)
“Why Go To War? II”  (Why Was I Born?)
“Why Go To War? III”  (Why Was I Born?)
“Why Go To War? IV”  (Why Was I Born?)
“Won't You Stop Lying, Cheney?”  (Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?)