More About The Nefarious Koch Brothers
     in Rhymed Verse

“Kochs Just Warming Up”11/19/13
“Got Your Numbers”11/3/13
“Pocket Size Teddys For Halloween”10/31/13
“Limit NSA Spying To "Local Yahoos"”10/29/13
“Democracies Don't Need Bigger Bribes”10/28/13
“Sterilization? Marriage Restrictions? The Oven?”10/26/13
“Are You Ready For The Koch Eugenics?”10/25/13
“Whose Place Is At Risk In The Kochs' Master Race?”10/24/13
“Who Knew The NSA Was Into Eugenics?”10/22/13
“Enforcing The Koch Eugenics”10/21/13
“Depopulating America”10/21/13
“Class Warfare: The Kochs' Eugenics”10/21/13
“Terminating Teddy”10/19/13
“Avoiding Koch Crap”10/19/13
“Petcoke Is Petkoch”10/19/13
“Koch's Farewell to Wall Street"”9/17/10 - 2/26/13
“The Impossible Dream?”6/12/11
“Bye-Bye Big Bo Peep Money”5/15/11
“Going Dutch With Big Oil”5/14/11
“Subsidizing The Congress”5/14/11
“Grover Norquist Persists”4/20/11
“Obama Switched Parties”4/13/11
“Rich People Are Laughing”4/7/11
“Quick, Henry, The Bug Spray”4/5/11
“Spooking Qaddafi And Child Exploiters”4/1/11
“Joe Barton's Bluster And Blunders”3/13/11
“Clawing Back Billions From Karzai”3/10/11
“Is Koch Good To Go?”3/8/11
“When Chatting With David H. Koch”3/7/11
“Koch Union Busting”3/5/11
“The Newt Advises Karzai”3/5/11
“Impeaching Ginni & Clarence Thomas”3/3/11
“Subverting the EPA”2/28/11
“The Kochurian Candidate”2/26/11
“Nope! Nonessential!”2/25/11
“Big Brother's Taking Control”2/24/11
“Koch Politicians Always Pay Back”2/23/11
“Beam Scotty Up, Koch Boys”2/23/11
“The Koch Calamities”2/22/11
“In Trouble With the Law”2/15/11
“Hosni's Wife Balked At Leaving”2/11/11
“Sorry, Wichita, KS”2/9/11
“Koch Industries Recruits To Pollute”2/8/11
“The Koch Boys Regret”2/8/11
“Koch Industries' Fred Upton”2/7/11
“Here Come Da Florida Judge”2/3/11
“Keeping His Bosses Happy”2000 - 2/2/11
“A Court Without Honor”1/26/11
“Is Lindsey Graham Crackers?”1/8/11
“Senator Mike Lee's Deferred Agendas”1/3/11
“Mitch's Lame Duck Threats”12/23/10
“Borrowing Billions”12/16/10
“Getting The Middle Finger”12/11/10
“The Importance Of Being Earnest”12/9/10
“Timid Tim Geithner Negotiates”11/30/10
“More Political Whores”11/16/10
“The Rich But Not SuperRich”11/15/10
“Whores For The SuperRich”11/14/10
“Political Piggy Banks”11/10/10
“Insourcing Indian Call Centers”11/8/10
“Rand's Plan 'B' For Obama”11/6/10
“Na´ve, But Activist”10/30/10
“Karl Rove's 'Tom Deweys'”10/29/10
“Tea Leaves Or Crystal Balls?”10/28/10
“Big Pharma Cuts The National Debt”10/27/10
“Every Corporation Loves Roberts”10/26/10
“WikiSpills To Reveal Secret Donors”10/22/10
“Turning Ginni Down”10/21/10
“Wayne LaPierre's KKK”10/17/10
“Anonymous Donors Try to Collect”10/4/10
“Scalia Protects Covert Koch Brothers”10/3/10
“Scalia's Legal Money Laundering”10/3/10
“That Tea Party Entertainment”10/2/10
“Saving Delaware And Us”9/30/10
“Wiretapping For Wrongdoers”9/28/10
“One Witch Or Two?”9/27/10
“Rose Colored Glasses”9/26/10
“Eleanor Holmes Norton”9/23/10
“Christine O'Donnell”9/14/10
“Eat At Joe's”9/14/10
“Koch Parties vs. Tea Parties”9/13/10
“Good Koch, Bad Koch”9/10/10
“The Closeted Koch Brothers”9/2/10
“Koch As In Cokehead”8/29/10