Our Latest Rhymed Verses & Song Parodies –

    “New D.C. Tourist Attractions”1/24/14
    “Assassinations Gone Awry?”1/23/14
    “Mommy Wisdom”1/11/14

    “What's That In Your Coke?”12/22/13
    “Oh, No!”12/22/13
    “It Tastes Funny?”12/21/13

    “Did They Know?”12/15/13
    “Outsourcing The Congress”12/8/13
    “From Failed Politician To Lobbyist Pimp”12/6/13
    “Republicans Don't Get Sick”12/2/13

    “At War Against Frackers”11/28/13
    “Confronting The Water Thieves”11/28/13
    “Giving Up On Karzai”11/27/13

    “Chuck Schumer's Aggressive Israelis”11/25/13
    “Nestle's Eugenics”11/24/13
    “Scott Walker Deals The Great Lakes”11/23/13
    “Nestle Bottled What?”11/22/13
    “Presidential Boondoggles”11/21/13

    “Sue The ACA Contractors?”11/19/13
    “Lazy, Indolent and Useless Like Cantor”11/19/13
    “Kochs Just Warming Up”11/19/13
    “Obama's Picks? The Pits!”11/18/13
    “Republicans Hacking Obamacare”11/17/13
    “Vicious Israelis”11/13/13

    “Some Things Borrowed...”11/4/13
    “Are GMOs What It's Got?”11/3/13
    “Got Your Numbers”11/3/13
    “Pocket Size Teddys For Halloween”10/31/13

    “Limit NSA Spying To "Local Yahoos"”10/29/13
    “Democracies Don't Need Bigger Bribes”10/28/13
    “Ted Cruz: Obstructionist? No! An Anarchist!”10/27/13
    “Sterilization? Marriage Restrictions? The Oven?”10/26/13

    “Are You Ready For The Koch Eugenics?”10/25/13
    “Whose Place Is At Risk In The Kochs' Master Race?”10/24/13
    “Who Knew The NSA Was Into Eugenics?”10/22/13
    “Enforcing The Koch Eugenics”10/21/13
    “Depopulating America”10/21/13
    “Class Warfare: The Kochs' Eugenics”10/21/13

    “Terminating Teddy”10/19/13
    “Avoiding Koch Crap”10/19/13
    “Petcoke Is Petkoch”10/19/13
    “Ted Cruz Is In Danger”10/18/13
    “Tillerson And Inhofe”10/17/13
    “Global Warming 101”10/16/13

    “Oklahoma's Most Prosperous Prostitute”10/15/13
    “An Oklahoma Whore”10/15/13
    “Not So Sound Sciencee”10/14/13
    “The Congressional Mole”10/14/13
    “Who's Paid To Deny Fossil Fuel Changes Climate?”10/12/13
    “Migrating Trees”10/11/13
    “Congress Has Its Own Gym?”10/11/13

    “Imperturbable Trees”10/10/13
    “The Politics Of Leaves”10/10/13
    “Buffett: All-purpose Expert?”10/7/13
    “A Failed Execution?”10/3/13
    “Teddy Goofed Again”10/2/13
    “Is Congress Worried?”10/1/13

    “They Quit En Masse”9/30/13
    “Teddy Wasn't Ready”9/30/13
    “Grandchildren With Extras”9/26/13

    “Connections Needed”9/23/13
    “The Permanent Political Class”9/23/13
    “Big Congressional Cheeses”9/22/13
    “Congressional Drug Trades”9/22/13
    “TARP Billions For Banks”9/22/13
    “One-sided Crony Capitalism”9/21/13

    “Is Verizon Reenacting Ma Bell's Demise?”9/19/13
    “Generals Join The Unemployed”9/17/13
    “Obama's Favorites”9/17/13

    “Inhofe's Dangerous Exposure To God”9/15/13
    “Inhofe, Humble Or Arrogant?”9/15/13
    “Inhofe's Bubonic Plague”9/13/13
    “Top Heavy With Top Brass”9/12/13
    “McCain: Arms For al Qaeda”9/11/13
    “Obama: Not Just A Pinprick”9/11/13

    “Putin: Enough With The Threats”9/10/13
    “The Disposal”9/10/13
    “Gypping The Congress”9/9/13
    “Ideology And Dumb Punditry”9/9/13
    “Who's For Brunch?”9/8/13
    “Rescuing Kitties”9/8/13
    “Marco Rubio's Minions”9/8/13
    “New Crayolas For Obama?”9/6/13
    “Who's Gassing Who”9/6/13

    “Picking Sides”9/5/13
    “Questions At The 'Top'”9/4/13
    “Planning On Retaliation”9/4/13
    “Drone Banner Or Phone?”9/3/13
    “Make Him A Bushie”9/2/13

    “Facebook Followers”8/29/13
    “Is Obama Pleading The Fifth?”8/28/13
    “The Tea Party Plague”8/27/13
    “Only One Percent For Tea?”8/27/13
    “Are Arsonists Ready?”8/27/13

    “Tea Party Hell”8/25/13
    “Caretaker? Caregiver?”8/25/13
    “Caps On Congress?”8/24/13
    “Rubin, Rubin II”8/24/13
    “Wanting It All”8/24/13
    “Bagging The Kochs”8/23/13
    “Promoting Pollution”8/22/13
    “Obama Tries To Sell Our Coal”8/22/13
    “Itching And Scratching”8/21/13

    “Ken Cuccinelli's Sodomy Hang-up”8/20/13
    “Attention All Birthers”8/20/13
    “Restricting The Vote?”8/20/13
    “Job Opportunities At Chase-Beijing”8/19/13
    “Forecast: Dry”8/19/13
    “Hermaphrodite Frogs And Ken Cuccinelli”8/18/13
    “The Big Woo-Woo”8/17/13
    “Kamikaze Tea Partiers”8/17/13

    “State Farm Drums Up Business”8/15/13
    “Tea Party Scams The Military”8/13/13
    “Ruining Reputations”8/12/13
    “Meet Mr. Pacu”8/11/13
    “Blythe Masters, Financial Magician”8/11/13

    “Unanticipated Accommodations”8/10/13
    “A Shakeup At Chase?”8/10/13
    “Closing In On J.P. Morgan Chase”8/10/13
    “Living Under The Gun”8/9/13
    “Swamping Saudi Shrines”8/9/13
    “Despised Deniers”8/8/13
    “Blame The Contrarians”8/8/13
    “Who'll Be A Climate Denier?”8/7/13

    “Stephen McIntyre, Global Warming Contrarian”8/5/13
    “August 2013 Update”8/4/13
    “Jokers In Congress”8/4/13
    “Mary L. Shapiro”8/3/13
    “SEC Scoundrels And Scandals”8/3/13
    “Who Can't Vote?”8/2/13
    “What's On Your Agenda”8/2/13
    “What's New?”8/1/13
    “Stick It And Shove It”8/1/13